Masha Safina

Magnum CI

hosted continuous integration and deployment


Design, Branding



2012 – 2015

Magnum CI is a hosted continuous integration and delivery platform for private repositories. With a support of multiple languages (Ruby, Node.js, Go, PHP) and databases, Magnum CI integrates with a variety of external source code hosting platforms (Git, Mercurial, Subversion), as well as with self-hosted repositories.


There were few CI products on the market: most were overcomplicated and pricey for individuals and small teams. We felt the need for a middle ground: something lightweight and affordable. Besides having flawlessly working functionality (which is vital for a dev product), it needed to have clean, simple & intuitive UI.

First Version: The MVP

First minimalistic version was launched: product received an interest and we gathered a good amount of feedback (enough for the next iteration to take place).

Magnum CI circa 2012

Further Improvements

We noticed that there was a large untapped pool of users: beginners, who might’ve heard about the concept of CI, but didn’t have a chance to try it. Goal was to make product friendly and welcoming and make brand standing out and recognizable.

Magnum CI

You know him when you see him

Along with identity, main marketing page and product itself undergone a variety of improvements and got new features.